Geeky Game Review: Dead Island: Riptide

Once more into the breach my fellow geeks! We have zombies monsters to slay! After Dead Island dropped in 2011, zombie killing fans were left wanting more, much more. Well here we are, stuck in another island hell hole fighting off hordes of undead monstrosities and were we given the sequel we needed, the sequel … Continue reading

AMC Unleash Zombie Social Experiment on NYC

This little bath-salts-dog-eating fake zombie thing. Well it is usually, but AMC and Put Zombies Back have teamed at the same time to find out even if zombies have a devote today’s society. AMC’s Typically the Walking Inactive is due to profit for a 3rd series with October for that reason this stunt is sure … Continue reading

Zombie Soap

Zombies tend to be immortal. Individuals shuffle all over at avenues and also actually eat heads. Hence they aren’t visiting odor top notch. Needed washing liquid. They have Zombie Detergent. These false claims receives including the filthiest Zombie cleanse.Since Thinkgeek shows this previously appears like it’s weeping. This unique Cleaning soap is often a vegetable-based … Continue reading