BlackBerry’s BBM finally comes to Windows Phone, initially in an open beta

Microsoft Launches Files Tool For Windows Phone 8.1

Fly Or Die: Nokia Lumia 925

The Nokia Lumia 925 is the Finnish phone maker’s latest attempt at wooing hapless shoppers over to the Windows Phone 8 platform, and it’s a solid proposition. The real stand-out feature has to be the camera, which is still considered PureView despite being an 8.7MP camera, as opposed to the Lumia 1020 s 41-megapixel shooter. … Continue reading

Nokia 800 Windows Phone’s Three Colors Revealed

Besides adopting much of its design language from the “boutique” N9, it now looks like the upcoming Nokia 800 Windows Phone 7 will also come in the same trio of colors as its Meego-powered linemate. New imagery, which gives us the best look yet at a phone tipped to launch next week at London’s Nokia … Continue reading

Nokia Chose Windows Phone Because it Feared Samsung Would Rule Android

Nokia’s decision in 2011 to pin the future of its smartphone business on Windows Phone has been heavily scrutinized over the years, but the reasoning behind that choice is only becoming fully clear now. When asked last week if he regretted not choosing Android, CEO Stephen Elop told reporters that he’s “very happy with the … Continue reading

MetroPCS version of the Nokia Lumia 521 revealed

The Nokia Lumia 521 may be low-end, but it is arguably one of the hottest selling phones in the U.S. And now we have a leaked photo from evleaks that reveals that the model is heading to MetroPCS.

Here’s Why Nokia Should Never, Ever, Mess With the Windows Phone UI

A little discussed fact about the Nokia-Microsoft partnership is that Nokia has permission to create custom Windows Phones skins for its own devices. And while they have yet to do anything, these alleged (and stomach-churning) mockups from a Nokia senior designer in the R&D department not only show what a custom Nokia skin might look … Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 520 Turns Up At The FCC

Nokia recently announced its new Windows Phone 8 smartphones, the Nokia Lumia 520 was one of those handsets and it looks like it is getting closer to release in the US as the Nokia Lumia 520 has turned up at the FCC. The Nokia Lumia 520 features a 4 inch IPS display with a resolution … Continue reading

HTC Tiara Windows Phone 8 Smartphone Specs Leaked

It would appear that HTC has a new Windows Phone 8 smartphone in the works, the HTC Tiara, and it will be one of the first handsets to run Windows Phone 8 GDR2, unfortunately we do not have any pictures of the handset just the rumored specifications. The HTC Tiara is rumored to feature a … Continue reading

Microsoft Says Windows Phone Store Now Features More Than 130K Apps, 40K New Developers Registered Since WP8 Launch

Microsoft only provides sporadic updates to how the Windows Phone Store is doing, but today, it used the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to offer a few new numbers. According to Microsoft, there are now over 130,000 apps in the Windows Phone Store, and the average Windows Phone user has now downloaded 55 apps. App … Continue reading