The Incredible Creation (and Destruction) of an Entire City in The Avengers

Almost a third of The Avengers may have been set in New York, but as this video from Industrial Light & Magic’s YouTube channel shows us, hardly any of the filming took place in the Big Apple itself. Since actually filming in New York would have been difficult—what with the many road-blocking restrictions and the … Continue reading

Oculus Introduces Rift Virtual Reality Gaming Eyewear

One of the coolest things I saw at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year was the Rift, virtual reality goggles from developers Oculus. Oculus takes the science of vision and applies it to virtual reality gaming in an arena that will be intimately familiar to any fan of iOS gaming.   I play a … Continue reading

Review: Loki Makes a Rare Appearance in The Wal-Mart Exclusive ‘The Avengers’ Figure Line

THANOS!– Heh, just screwing out with you. The actual Avengers has actually spawned a bunch of tie-in toys and contains now been given not one, although 5 diverse action number lines! Diamond Select Products (Marvel Select, Minimates), Hot Games (1/6th scale doppelgangers), along with Hasbro (3 3/4″ figures) have all thrown their winged helms to … Continue reading