Bad Bots, Bad Bots, Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You

Bad Bots is currently available on Steam for PC and Mac. For a limited time you can pick it up at a 25% discount, making Bad Bots $7.49 down from its usual cost of $9.99. The retro indie Bad Bots will have you running and gunning through 170 exciting rooms, including the Evacuation Bay, Mechanical … Continue reading

Japan approves worldwide sale of robot exoskeletons

Ever wondered how it feels like to wear a robotic suit on your daily walkabout? Japan, a country where robots rule (all right, I am saying that with extreme liberty. Robots do not “rule” there per se, but rather, the proliferation of robots in everyday life as well as culture is extremely well known), might … Continue reading

General Grievous Becomes World Glass Drummer

I bet that this is something that you were not expecting to see, it looks like a re-built and re-programmed General Grievous from Star Wars, but it is in the German made StickBoy created and built by Frank Barnes from Robocross. Here are some details on the robot drummer known as StickBoy; Model no – … Continue reading

Flying robot jogger won’t let you run alone

Meet Joggobot, the particular robot going companion with regard to would-be-fit geeks which can’t get any fellow hackers from the their computer system screens long enough to qualify to go for some sort of run.A robot is really a quadrotor – that is the helicopter along with four rotors * that travels a few paces … Continue reading