Allow Catholic priests to marry, urges Cardinal Keith O’Brien

Scottish Catholic leader says many struggle to cope with celibacy, as he prepares for trip to Rome to elect next pope The Scottish Catholic leader, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, has said he would be happy for priests to be able to marry. Many priests struggle to cope with celibacy and should be able to marry and … Continue reading

Che bello! Pope Benedict’s fans and believers assemble for farewell tour

St Peter’s sees crowds crane for a glimpse of the pontiff amid quiet acceptance of an old man’s decision to quit his throne Into the golden basilica of St Peter they crammed: pilgrims with bibles, tourists with guidebooks, teenagers with smartphones, mothers with toddlers; seminarians and Swiss Guards; nuns and non-believers; babies, pensioners and priests. … Continue reading

The Whovian Prayer [pic]

It seems pretty much everybody around here, even non-Christians seem to be familiar and in most cases are able to recite the passage in the bible known as the Lord’s Prayer. Well, it turns out that for Doctor Who fans, there is even a Timelord’s Prayer! Although the Whovian Prayer below is made to sound … Continue reading