Google branded SIM card spotted in Spain

Google started out as a search engine, but over the years they have managed to expand their list of services to include e-mail (Gmail), a smartphone platform which has quickly dominated the marketshare in terms of platforms (Android) and recently even attempted to launch their very own social network (Google+). With Google Voice being an … Continue reading

Zune HD is dead confirms Microsoft

Microsoft has officially confirmed that its Zune PMPs – including the Zune HD – have been axed, despite having denied yesterday that such a decision about the media players had been made. “We recently announced that, going forward, Windows Phone will be the focus of our mobile music and video strategy,” Microsoft’s Zune Player support … Continue reading

Google+ Notifications now available for Google Chrome

If you’re a heavy Google+ user, and Google Chrome is your browser of choice, you’re in luck. Google has just released an official Chrome extension that brings the social network right to your very browser. You know that little red notifications box that’s on the top right corner of every Google service you’re signed into? … Continue reading

Google rolls out new look for Gmail: streamlined conversation view, high-res themes, better search

Google gave us a hint of Gmail’s new look with a preview earlier this year, and it’s now finally begun to roll out the real thing. Sometime over the next few days you should see a “switch to the new look” link in the bottom right corner of Gmail which, if clicked, will open up … Continue reading

Google releases Chrome 16 update with multi-user sign-in

Google has posted the final stable release version of Chrome 16. This update to the Chrome browser was mainly focused on supporting multiple account sign-ins so that more than one user can share the same browser. This way you can access your own bookmarks, extensions, web apps and more, while also being able to bring … Continue reading