BlackBerry’s BBM finally comes to Windows Phone, initially in an open beta

Microsoft Launches IE11 Developer Preview For Windows 7, Updates Modern.IE With New Tools

Almost exactly a month ago, Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 11 as part of the Windows 8.1 preview and today, it is also launching a developer preview of IE11 for Windows 7. Sandeep Singhal, Microsoft’s group program manager for IE, told me earlier this week that IE11 for Windows 7 will bring all of the advances … Continue reading

Microsoft Launches Files Tool For Windows Phone 8.1

Zune HD is dead confirms Microsoft

Microsoft has officially confirmed that its Zune PMPs – including the Zune HD – have been axed, despite having denied yesterday that such a decision about the media players had been made. “We recently announced that, going forward, Windows Phone will be the focus of our mobile music and video strategy,” Microsoft’s Zune Player support … Continue reading

Platform Payments, OEMs, And The Future Of Windows Phone Hardware

Microsoft has a huge amount of cash and a small quantity of mobile market share. If current rumors hold water, the company may be looking to again use its oceans of currency to bolster its smartphone platform. According to UnwiredView (reporting on notes from Eldar Murtazin), Microsoft may deploy billions in 2014 to a variety … Continue reading

Microsoft announces Enterprise Mobility Suite for mobile device and cloud management

Ballmer Admits What We All Knew: Microsoft Built Far Too Many Surfaces

At an internal meeting, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer admitted that the company overproduced the Surface RT tablet, leading to its recent $150 per unit price cut. As quoted by The Verge’s Tom Warren, Ballmer plainly explained that the company “built a few more devices than [it] could sell.” But we already knew that. In its … Continue reading

Microsoft releases IE11 Developer Preview for Windows 7 with updated F12 tools and Modern.IE site

Microsoft today released its developer preview version of Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) for those devices running its Windows 7 operating system. In doing so, the company seeks to show developers that apps produced for its latest browser will work across many different devices while also showing that its browser is very scalable. While Microsoft touts … Continue reading

Shelly Palmer Radio Report – July 16, 2013

If you’ve been waiting for a price drop to buy a Microsoft Surface tablet, your time is now. Microsoft recently announced a significant price cut in its entry-level Surface RT tablets. These are the less powerful Surface tablets on the market, and don’t run the full version of Windows 8. However, the Surface RTs are … Continue reading

Microsoft Releases Outlook Web App for iOS

Microsoft is releasing another Office app for iOS, kind of. The new Office Web App for iPhone and iPad is designed for businesses who use Office 365 to access the full functionality of Outlook Web App. Although Microsoft has been supporting a web version of this previously, the software maker has packaged it up into … Continue reading