Say goodbye to cling wrap, and hello to CoverBlubber!

If you eat leftovers, then you likely know of the accursed cling wrap. Thin, flowing plastic that is perfect for covering your food, so long as you can actually get it off of the roll and over your food without it clinging to itself. Even then, it may not do very good of a job … Continue reading

Emulstir Salad Dressing Mixer – store bought, I think not!

There’s something special about having a ‘home-cooked’ meal. Maybe it’s because it brings the family together, or maybe it’s because all the ingredients came from the kitchen, and not a factory. Making your own food tastes far better than what you can buy at the store, but the main issue we face is that thinking … Continue reading

Rice Cube lets you spice things up in the kitchen

“Sign up for Uncle Sam and you are in for three square meals a day!”, or so that is what I have been told concerning wartime propaganda in the past. Life was a whole lot tougher then, especially when nations are warring against one another. Well, there was no way to induce such a literal … Continue reading

Tetris Heat Changing Mug

For those of you who grew up in the 1980s and early 1990s, I am quite sure that you have been exposed to the game of Tetris across many platforms, be it at the local arcade, on the Game Boy (remember the Tetris Game Pak that allowed you to go head to head with another … Continue reading

NDuR Advanced Portable Filtration Bottle

Most of the earth is covered with water, and apart from that, we ourselves are made up of 70% water thereabouts. Having said that, you ought to make sure that you drink enough water each day (experts say 8 glasses a day) so that you remain hydrated, and your cells will remain well watered, so … Continue reading

Spin Your Food to Maximize Flavor

Whenever I take time to marinate meat or vegetables I am surprised at the flavor that pops in my mouth. Chicken with Italian herbs works well, especially in summer. BBQ on anything gets better with more marinating time. And a balsamic & garlic combo yields nice flavors for grill veggies. There are plenty of recipes … Continue reading