FitBark Has Another Go At Proving Its Health Tracker For Dogs Isn’t Barking Mad

Bored of quantifying your self already? Why not quantify your pet instead? FitBark is a Fitbit style health tracker for your under-walked canine companion. We’ve covered this (frankly) barking mad gizmo before, back in May, when its creators were exhibiting at Hardware Alley at TechCrunch Disrupt NY but they’ve now taken to Kickstarter to raise … Continue reading

Divinity Original Sin Gets KickStarted

Larian Studios, is happy to announce that their KickStarter campaign for Divinity: Original Sin reached its funding goal. This allows for Larian to offer a more expansive and in-depth game, as well as Linux and Mac versions. Divinity: Original Sin is an open world RPG that features a turn based combat with both single and … Continue reading

Calling All Cat Ladies, CatLand Needs Your Help

Cue up the Sarah McLaughlin music and imagine a lonely virtual kitten in need of your assistance. Lost And Found Games are seeking funding for CatLand, an interactive pet app, and have started a Kickstarter campaign. Your donation can save the lives of many virtual cats and will help them find homes on the smartphones … Continue reading

OZombie: We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

American McGee‘s Spicy Horse has revealed that it’s working on a re-telling of the Oz story called OZombie. Dorothy, Toto, the lion and the tin woodsman are the games protagonists while the scarecrow is now a villain still seeking brains! Dorothy abandons her basket and now wields a repeater. Described as an “Oz not of … Continue reading

This Open Source Gaming System Will Literally Change The Game

OUYA: The revolution will be televised OUYA is a new game console for the TV, powered by Android.We’ve packed this little box full of power. Developers will have access to OUYA’s open design so they can produce their games for the living room, taking advantage of everything the TV has to offer. Best of all, … Continue reading

MobileMount+ Lets You Mount Your iPad to a Tripod

Last year, J & M Company launched a kickstarter campaign for the highly successful MobileMount. In a very short period of time, the suction cup-based mounting device earned five times its goal with more than $100,000 and 2,300 backers. The company is back for a second round with the MobileMount+, which features the same suction … Continue reading

22cans Kickstarter aims to reinvent Populous as Project Godus

In recent times Peter Molyneux is known for the Fable series on Xbox, leaving Microsoft/Lionhead to form a new studio called 22cans, and launching the game Curiosity where everyone chips away at a cube in search of the prize at the center. But if you look further back in gaming history you’ll find he’s behind … Continue reading

Insert Coin: Instacube is a hip, Android-based digital photo frame for your Instagram feeds

Ever wanted you would another option except for by using Instagram’s mobile phone wordpress along with permalinks for the purpose of enjoying Your personal retrofied pix? The people in D2M certainly have done, giving you the thing it wishes to speak to Instacube. Your sq . device is actually a real 10.5-inch (2.5 size heavy), … Continue reading

Safe & Sound case looks to pump up the volume of your iPad

That Protected & Reasonable may well be an iPad circumstance that looks to add to the of your respective iPad home theater speaker. The following expectation to generate playing music file, getting FaceTime voice messages or another type you will require the outside phone speaker for your better practical experience. All the Secure & Noise … Continue reading