Libya’s most successful people smuggler: ‘I provide a service’

Human trafficking has gone from a niche business to a huge and hugely profitable industry since Gaddafi’s fall in 2011 With a joint of hashish in one hand and a can of Red Bull in the other, one of Libya’s most successful people smugglers reclines in his apartment, the rooms strewn with bowls of chocolates, … Continue reading

Italy arrests 51 in Ostia anti-mafia raids

Police operation in coastal suburb near capital is described as one of the biggest ever anti-mafia sweeps in Rome area As temperatures soar to around 40C this weekend, thousands of Romans will flock to nearby beaches to roast in the sun, play on the slot machines and dance in sticky seaside nightclubs. They will not … Continue reading

Explaining What It’s Going to Do With All That Dough, Pinterest Unveils Stats on Strong Mobile and International Usage

Pinterest confirmed an earlier report by AllThingsD that it had raised $225 million more from investors at a valuation of $3.8 billion. This Series E round will bring the total funding to $564 million for the San Francisco social scrapbooking startup since it launched in 2010. Yes, you may say it out loud: Yipes! In … Continue reading