Don’t Get Too Excited About GlobalFoundries and Apple — At Least, Not Just Yet

Don’t get too excited about an intriguing story from the Albany Times Union saying that chip-manufacturing company GlobalFoundries may soon start turning out chips for Apple’s iPhones and iPads at a factory in upstate New York. I’ve been checking with industry sources who have a pretty clear picture about what may be going on. And … Continue reading

Russia’s Hopes to Crack U.S. Market With Mobile Chat and Email Programs

Russian Internet company is making its foray into the U.S. market on Tuesday, announcing mail and chat programs for both iOS and Android. MyMail is designed to offer an alternative to the built-in email programs on iOS and Android, while MyChat is another entrant into the crowded messaging space led by WhatsApp and other … Continue reading

ABI Research shared that Apple’s Market share in smartphone will reach to 22% in 2013

Analyst of ABI Research has predicted that in global smartphone market, Apple’s share will reach to 22% this year. With Samsung’s domination in the market, it is expected that Apple’s share will remain flat till the year 2018. These predictions have been obtained from the latest report of ABI latest mobile handset market report.The senior … Continue reading

Is Obama Watching TV with A Google TV Box?

President Obama admitted recently that instead of joining his wife and children on a Saturday to play tennis, he sneaks off to the Oval Office, claims to do work but instead catches up with his favourite TV show; Homeland. The hit U.S. TV show follows the trials and tribulations of an American serviceman returning home … Continue reading

Shelly Palmer Radio Report – October 28, 2013

When Apple unveiled its two new iPads last week, it was the sign of a company knowing it needs to make a splash and gain some momentum. After inventing the tablet category and enjoying close to 100 percent market share, Apple now has about 49 percent market share and the numbers are trending in the … Continue reading

Neighborhood Social App Nextdoor Launches on Android

Nextdoor, the social app aimed at connecting people in small, tightly knit communities, announced the launch of its Android app on Wednesday. The release comes about three months after the company’s iPhone app and mobile Web release, which brought with it significant growth for the startup. In the 90 days since release, the network has … Continue reading

T-Mobile’s Latest Promo Offers Entire Lineup of Phones for No Upfront Payment

T-Mobile is continuing to shake things up. The No. 4 U.S. carrier on Friday announced a promotion that will offer its entire lineup of phones for no upfront payment. It isn’t really dropping the price of phones, just spreading the entire cost of the phone over 24 months instead of using a mix of an … Continue reading

Too Busy to Read? ‘Rooster’ App Offers Episodic, Bite-Sized Reading

Finding time to sit down with a good book is challenging when you’re constantly faced with work deadlines, taking care of your kids or just dealing with life in general. But a new service called Rooster is looking to fix that by delivering novels in short installments that can easily be read during your commute, … Continue reading

Sentiment analysis, a new tool introduced by Adeven to help developers draw useful conclusion about their App from App reviews

Adeven, an App Store advertising company has launched a new tool for apptrace mobile analytics. Sentiment analysis of 24 million reviews of App store will be available through this tool. This is a free service and it allows its users to find out the titles that are available on App Store. They will also be … Continue reading

Stick Fighter app

Stick fighter is the ultimate fast paced game for your iPhone device. Stick fighter has versatile controls and stick to glue you up to the screen. To make game more exciting and funnier cartoon animations have been embedded.Stick fighter is the creation of world first incubator group known as 90 Day App Challenge. A young … Continue reading