Audio Wrap – Flexible Speaker Concept

ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) of Taiwan, came to Pilotfish to find help for promoting one of their hottest new technology, the ITRI Flexible Speaker. An A4 sheet can produce the same volume as a small mobile speaker. To produce enough sound the Flexible Speaker needs a minimum of surface. But the quality of the … Continue reading

Aves Inkjet Printer Concept

Unlike many traditional printers on the market, the robotic Aves printer will entertain and engage the user time and again. Aves transforms itself to life when it’s time to print, creating a unique and novel experience. Aves printer is a refreshing deviation from conventional inkjet printers. Via Behance Computer technology futureFuture computersFuture technology devicesFuture technology

Concept Acer All-in-one PC

Acer officially announced the two computer class “all-in-one” in the original line of Aspire as a model 7600U and 5600U. Feature of the new products in addition to a thin sleek design is to use them as toppings software operating system, Windows 8, whose release is expected to come in the fall. In this case … Continue reading

Concept original folding bicycle

Designer Arvind M introduced the concept of a folding bike of unusual design. It is based on a circular frame, which is in the folded state holds a steering wheel, pedals and wheels, which allows for supercompactness. Very comfortable and attractive! Home methane digesterFuture technology newsFuture transportation yankodesign

Concept smart kitchen of the future

What do you think, what is the kitchen of the future? We invite you to meet with Turkish concept smart kitchen of the future – a compact and intelligent. Design company Altera Design Studio from Turkey presented its vision for the future of kitchen appliances, creating a concept project titled Alight Kitchen. A fundamentally important … Continue reading

Cab car of the future

At CEATEC 2012 Alps Electric Company has demonstrated intriguing a interface for the car. Cab car of the future. The latest developments of the company combined with motion sensors and cameras that track eye movement. There is multifunctional control system (a mysterious ball next to the gear lever). Control system can be a simple hand … Continue reading

Innovative bluetooth jump rope

Nothing gets the blood pumping like jumping rope. Inventor Robert Schlecht is an avid fan of jumping rope. He submitted his idea for a bluetooth jump rope to Quirky, called the “Revolve” that monitors your fitness regime. All this is done on your smartphone with a compatible app that tracks the information and encourages you … Continue reading

Concept bike CERV

At first glance, the concept seems to be another “reinventing the wheel.” But there is a real sample. This gives hope that in the future these new items will appear at least in the Tour de France. This unusual fruit of joint cooperation studio Priority Designs and bicycle company Tsannondale. Bike has a unique construction … Continue reading

Concept TPM – HELIUM “The Easy Phone”

Fashionable Imran Sheikh presented the thought is rather initial communicator. TPM HELIUM “The Easy Phone” carries with it an computer Android 5.3. Helium is about the same exact size given that the Galaxy S III. Keyboard structure is definitely Authentic to help you in comfort admittance tips in small-scale area, any buttons are revolving for … Continue reading