500GB 2.5 Inchs Hard Drive/HDD for Dell Latitude D620 Laptop

500GB 2.5 Inchs Hard Drive/HDD for Dell Latitude D620 Laptop Interface: SATA, Capacity: 500GB, RPM: 5400RPM, Cache: 8MB, Size: 2.5Inchs Package Include: 500GB 5400RPM Hard Disk Drive This product has 5 Years Warranty and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Compatible Models / Replace PN : Dell Latitude D620

HGST’s Nanotechnology Printing Breakthrough Is Great News For Data Center Storage And HDD Capacity

If you’re at all familiar with mobile processors, you’ve likely heard a lot about 32nm vs. 28nm construction when comparing the current generation of chips from companies like Qualcomm and others. That refers to the size of the processor, where a smaller number is better in terms of power consumption, fitting more transistors in less … Continue reading