Grifiti Nootle iPad mini 1, 2 Flexible Stand Combines iPad mini Tripod Mount and Flexpod Tripod and is Apple Smart Cover Compatible and works on Desktops, Wraps around anything, Perfect for Coaches, Teachers, Video, Photography, Music, Presentions, Displays, Tradeshows, Home, and Office Use

NOOTLE IPAD MINI 1 and 2 (Retina Display) FLEXIBLE STAND: INCLUDES NOOTLE IPAD MINI TRIPOD MOUNT (YOU CAN USE ON ANY TRIPOD OR STAND) AND NOOTLE FLEXPOD flexible tripod (works with cameras, too!) from Grifiti! ABS form fitting frame snaps around the iPad mini for a snug fit AND Nootle Flexible Tripod that works with … Continue reading