Xbox Original Series Coming in Early 2014

130mph Honda Mower Makes Light Of Cutting Your Lawn (video)

If like me you find cutting your lawn a little boring and not quite as exciting as you would like, you might be interested in a new 130mph Honda Mower which has been crated by Honda to add a little more fun in to your chores. The 130mph Honda Mower is capable of reaching a … Continue reading

Next Avengers Villain is Ultron

Joss Whedon, one of the premier – if not THE premier – comic and scriptwriter’s of our time, announced the title and, indirectly, the main villain of the next Avengers movie yesterday at San Diego’s Comic-Con 2013. The title, showcased at the end of a teaser trailer that previewed a long list of Marvel’s upcoming … Continue reading

Superman Vs Batman, 2015

Comic-Con happened in San Diego this weekend. Unlike during E3, I don’t have a ton of news for you from the Con, but there is one tidbit that’s sure to make geeks everywhere rejoice! Warner Bros has announced that Batman will in the second Superman movie that’s set to be released in 2015. The movie … Continue reading

Speed Enforcement Drones?!

People in the San Francisco area started freaking out when official-looking signs depicting a drone firing a missile stating “speed enforced by drones” started cropping up all over Bay Area highways. However, a local news station, and many more since, has reported that these signs are indeed fake and being removed by the California Highway … Continue reading

Video Game Sales Drop 15%

It’s not really much of a surprise. Every gamer knows that summer is when gaming usually falls off for a bit, but a 15% drop in retail sales in one month is still huge when hundreds of millions are involved. Total spending on video games in the U.S. last month was $1.2 billion, only about … Continue reading

Robocop Reboot Details

Not too long ago we reported that Robocop was receiving a film reboot that’s slated to come out in 2014. This year’s Comic-Con has given us a few more details along with a deeper look into the movie’s overall message. Robocop will seek to raise the question of whether or not drones should be used … Continue reading

Blue Raspberry Pi Limited Edition Mini PC Available To Win

To celebrate the first anniversary of the awesome Raspberry Pi mini PC, RS components one of the main manufactures and distributors of the mini PC has created a limited edition Blue Raspberry Pi. 1000 Blue Raspberry Pi mini PCs will be manufacturer and comes complete with a certificate of authenticity signed by Eben, together with … Continue reading

Woman wins $5,000 for letting the internet name her baby

Every parent faces the tough challenge of naming their baby. The name is very important. The name is everything. It could mean a good start or being laughed through grade school. It’s a serious decision.

Thrustmaster VRX iMotion Z-55 Simulator Available For $45,000

If you were lucky enough to visit this years CES 2103 technology exhibition in Las Vegas, you might have seen the awesome Thrustmaster VRX iMotion Z-55 Simulator which costs and around $45,000 and is the latest simulator created by Thrustmaster. The Thrustmaster VRX iMotion Z-55 Simulator is fitted with a simulator seat made with 3M … Continue reading