50km wide comet may hit Mars next year leaving 2km deep crater

We’ve seen the panic that can be caused by small meteorites hitting Earth recently, and while we don’t want anything bigger taking aim at our planet, I’d love to see a major impact on some other lump of rock within viewing distance. And next year there’s a small chance I may get my wish. A … Continue reading

NASA records our Sun producing a massive fiery coronal rain loop

The video you see above was captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory’s AIA instrument at a rate of one frame every 12 seconds. It plays back at 30 frames per second, meaning every second accounts for 6 minutes of actual time passed. Such a low rate of capture doesn’t do anything to detract from the … Continue reading

Electron microscope reveals what DNA really looks like

DNA was first isolated in the mid 1800s, but its true significance was not discovered until much later. As the field of molecular biology developed, science slowly discovered the incredible importance of DNA — DNA carries all our genetic information across the generations. It took decades to figure out what DNA looks like, but when … Continue reading

Headphone wires modded to display rainbow lightshow set to music

If you’ve been searching for a way to make your headphones a little more distinctive, you should know that whatever you were planning on is less cool that you thought. Accomplished maker Yardley Dobon has put together a project called Level Headed – EL Wire Headphones. The effect is awesome — loops of glowing wire … Continue reading

MIT Game Lab creates a game that explains special relativity

299,792,458 meters per second — that’s the speed of light in a vacuum. It can be hard to wrap your mind around just how reality-bendingly fast that is. It can be even harder to fully appreciate the relativistic effects acting on an object moving that fast. Now, a new project from the MIT Game Lab … Continue reading

Oprah places Surface tablet in “Favorite Things” list

Microsoft’s newly launched Surface tablet certainly faces an uphill battle in its quest to take on the likes of the iPad and the myriad Android-powered tablets, but it has managed to impress at least one mogul with a pretty big megaphone — Oprah. The talk show queen has officially given her seal of approval to … Continue reading