Super Falcon’ sub aims to fly underwater

A new sub might complete upside down movements like planes traveling tricks during the Square Lake tahoe adventure for October. The of a DeepFlight Super Falcon hope to pick up $45,1000 within the crowd-funding web site Kickstarter to examine your restrictions having to do with submarine technological innovations.All the two-seater completely submersible is like an … Continue reading

Flying robot jogger won’t let you run alone

Meet Joggobot, the particular robot going companion with regard to would-be-fit geeks which can’t get any fellow hackers from the their computer system screens long enough to qualify to go for some sort of run.A robot is really a quadrotor – that is the helicopter along with four rotors * that travels a few paces … Continue reading

Dubai’s underwater discus hotel lets you sleep in a high-tech aquarium

Undeniably, Dubai is amongst the most popular incredible areas along with incredible skyscrapers as well as extravagance facilities to be able to compete with even the modern metropolitan areas through the rest of the world. At this moment, any Shine structure design and style corporation provides presented a whole new hotel thought that can make … Continue reading