The NSA Won A Defunding Battle, But It Could Lose The War

The National Security Agency has lost the political support it needs to maintain its controversial Internet and phone dragnet spying operation. Yesterday, July 24th, the House of Representatives nearly ratified the most brazen amendment to completely cut off funds for any broad NSA spying program (failing 205-217). With more time to build grassroots momentum and … Continue reading

Pfc. Bradley Manning’s Trial Comes To An End As The Government Alleges He ‘Aided The Enemy’

While the world has become fixated on the NSA’s domestic and foreign surveillance activities in the past months, the trial of Private First Class Bradley Manning is coming to a close. Concluding arguments were heard today. The government, as BoingBoing notes, is trying to convict Manning using the Espionage Act, and slap him with the … Continue reading

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Will Talk Net Neutrality With Congress On May 20

Here’s Video Of The House Debate That Almost Passed An Amendment Cutting At The NSA’s Domestic Surveillance

Yesterday, an amendment proposed by Rep. Amash that would have dramatically undermined the NSA’s authority to collect records on the phone calls of American citizens failed to pass. Proponents of the amendment claimed that it protected the Fourth Amendment rights of the public. Those opposed argued that it would erode national security. The debate back … Continue reading

12 Innocent Topics That Britain’s New Hyper-Censored Internet Will Probably Block

British Prime Minister David Cameron has proposed the democratized world’s most aggressive anti-porn laws. Unfortunately, in order to restrict access to something as ubiquitous as porn, he’ll likely have to block most of the Internet. To protect “children and their innocence,” Cameron has proposed new regulations that will filter online porn by default and completely … Continue reading

U.S. To Russia: We Won’t Kill Or Torture Snowden

The CrunchGov Essential is a scannable roundup of technology’s influence on the day’s big issues. Below a feature post, we present the most thoughtful, outrageous, and inspiring stories told through the web’s best content. Sign up for the morning newsletter here. The U.S. has pledged not to seek the death penalty for NSA-whistleblower Edward Snowden. … Continue reading

Hey San Francisco, Your Rep. Pelosi Saved The NSA Phone Metadata Program

Congress almost cut off funds for an NSA spying program, until San Francisco Rep. Nancy Pelosi stepped in to save it. Rep. Pelosi, of California’s 12th district, worked to kill the Amash amendment to the 2014 Defense Appropriations Bill. Amash’s amendment would have defunded the NSA’s domestic phone record program, which collects metadata on every … Continue reading

Poll: Public Supports NSA Spying On Their Email, Neighbors And Foreign Leaders

Despite a torrent of outrage from the press, world leaders, and the United States Congress, most Americans still approve of the National Security Agency’s surveillance practices. Most importantly, public opinion barely budged a percentage point since the NSA’s global phone and Internet spy network was first revealed. We even polled whether Americans support the near … Continue reading