Conjuring a fright: what makes a great horror movie? | Tom Shone

For today’s sophisticated audience, it’s not all about jump scares – the best horror movies keep playing even if you shut your eyes There’s nothing like genre junkies to cut to the chase. The glory days of drive-in-theatre critic Joe Bob Briggs may be past (“No dead bodies. One hundred seventeen breasts. Multiple aardvarking. Lap … Continue reading

Danica Patrick’s pole at Daytona 500 puts a few more noses out of joint | Marina Hyde

Some of the gags since have cemented the suspicion that of all the sports in the world, Nascar is the one with the brainiest fans I do love Danica Patrick’s mischievous line in dippyness. “The thing on the back of the car,” she mused to reporters shortly after switching from IndyCar racing to Nascar in … Continue reading

Facebook Moving Away From Voting Scheme

A Facebook experiment in democracy is fading. On Wednesday the social network announced several updates to its governing policy that may ultimately limit the community’s ability to overturn future policy decisions. In a blog post authored by Elliot Schrage, its head of communications, Facebook said it will remove a voting system that gives its users … Continue reading