Oculus Introduces Rift Virtual Reality Gaming Eyewear

One of the coolest things I saw at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year was the Rift, virtual reality goggles from developers Oculus. Oculus takes the science of vision and applies it to virtual reality gaming in an arena that will be intimately familiar to any fan of iOS gaming.   I play a … Continue reading

It’s Tax Time, which means paperwork, unless you go paperless with Doxie

I”500px””500px”/images/upload/article/aggregator/2013-01-31/8429571573_25f3c3111f.jpg’ /> I like that the Doxie is fast and portable. Instead of bringing your receipts to a traditional scanner connected to your desktop computer, you can bring the Doxie anywhere it’s convenient and scan away. The Doxie is fast, too, and does the unthinkable, by making paperwork a joy!

Listen To Your Music Hard and Fast And With Motörheadphones

If you thought the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was full of nothing but a bunch of nerdy computer whiz kids looking for the next big thing in gadgets, think again. This year is sure to be a rock star shred fest with the likes of Lemmy Kilmister of the band Mot rhead in the house. … Continue reading