Return of the Jedi Script / Screenplay Art Posters [pic]

It seems like the one thing in common with all good works of art is that they often have a lot of tedium involved. Whether it is building something out of thousands of LEGO bricks or writing the entire script from a movie word for word and then doing something cool with it, more patience … Continue reading

Shooting Challenge: Tools Of the Trade

Chances are, you have a hobby (other than photography). You spend a lot of money on this hobby collecting all sorts of specialized tools. Well for this week’s Shooting Challenge, assemble these tools into one, beautiful collection. The Challenge Take a photo of all the tools you have for a certain hobby. And go ahead … Continue reading

Star Wars Pancake Art

Quite a while returning, I published an amazing Star Wars AT-AT made out of pancakes or even a Millennium Falcon pancake but if you still weren’t satisfied simply by those, right now I have a lot more Star Wars pancakes to discuss! This amazing handful of pancake artwork which stages from a Darth Vader hot … Continue reading