New York’s Grand Central – and nine other beautiful train stations | Jason Farago

Jason Farago: The notoriously ugly Penn station has a chance to be reborn, but here are 10 termini which need no beautification at all Jason Farago

How Much Gingerbread Would You Need To Build Your Edible Dreamhouse?

Had she access to this useful online calculator, the wicked witch in that Hansel and Gretel fairytale wouldn’t have had to settle for just a tiny cottage in the woods. She could have built herself a sprawling McMansion with proper planning, complete with a dedicated bakery just for kids. What’s particularly handy about this calculator … Continue reading

World’s Largest Underground High-Speed Rail Station Will be Impressive, Surreal-Looking

World’s Largest Underground High-Speed Rail Station Will probably be Spectacular, Surreal-Looking The Share Rail Link West Kowloon Terminus, when carried out (sometime in 2015), would be the world’s largest underground high-speed rail station, occupying a whopping 4,628,481sq/ft! It truly is surreal advanced design is definitely the work with international anatomist studio Aedas, which with it … Continue reading