Coinbase Launches A More Secure Bitcoin Storage Option Called ‘Vault’

Forget Pagers, Philly Startup Seratis Wants To Bring Hospital Communication Into The 21st Century

We get it: there’s a silly number of mobile messaging apps out there, and a great many of them are meant for you to share your banalities more easily. But a Philadelphia-based startup called Seratis is different. Before Divya Dhar founded Seratis earlier this year, she was a practicing physician who had to use a … Continue reading

Firefox 29 Launches With Major Redesign, Firefox Account Integration

The iblazr Flash Illuminates Your Smartphone And Tablet Photos, Preventing Black Square Syndrome

A new Kickstarter project wants to let a little light shine in on your mobile photos – much more than the built-in flash on devices like the iPhone 5 can provide alone. The iblazr is an external flash that uses four high-output CREE LED lights to provide a whole lot of illumination via a small … Continue reading

Apply Now For The San Diego Meetup + Pitch-Off

The time has come. TechCrunch is coming to San Diego for a night of pitches, drinks and general tomfoolery. And we’re looking for the area’s best undiscovered startups to pitch their revolutionary ideas on our stage. Apply within. On August 22, TechCrunch is taking over Block 16. Josh Constine, Jordan Crook, Greg Kumparak, and myself … Continue reading

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Will Take The Stage At Disrupt SF

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo wears many hats. Not only is he helping lead Twitter into its possible future as a public company, Costolo is a master at improv from his days as a professional comedian, and is a serial entrepreneurs who has sold companies to Google (Feedburner) and others. Which is why we are thrilled … Continue reading

It’s Time To #DisruptEurope – Submit Your Battlefield Applications For Berlin Now

TechCrunch Disrupt Europe will be TechCrunch’s major international conference this October. Featuring global startups, influential speakers, VIP guests and breaking news, you will not want to miss out. But, if you are a new startup that wants to launch in front of TechCrunch’s writers on the Battlefield stage: We want to make sure you have … Continue reading

Someone Please Actually Hack Chipotle’s Twitter Account

For whatever reason, this week has felt particularly long. It might be some astrological reason like Mercury in retrograde. Or it might just be the emotions that are a package deal with being a woman at the end of any month. Or it might be that burrito haven Chipotle fake-hacked its Twitter account on Sunday, … Continue reading

Namecheap Is In The Middle Of A DDoS Attack

[Updated] Apple Fixed A Bug In iOS 7. It’s A Doozy