EA has been voted “Worst Company in America” – Again.

For the second year in a row Electronic Arts has been voted as the worst company in America by the readers of the consumer-watchdog website The Consumerist. This makes them more hated than Bank of America, Comcast and Ticketmaster (of which took second, third, and fouth). Despite the fierce competition this year they managed to … Continue reading

The next Xbox is now the Xbox One!

We finally have an official name for the successor to the Xbox 360 legacy, the Xbox One. Microsoft unveiled the sleek console today during their hour-long press conference in Seattle. The company gave us all a shot of the future and the future looks good. I’m digging the sexy look of the console, it looks … Continue reading

Twitter account using social media to keep the PS4 DRM free.

After the muck up Microsoft has done with the antiquated DRM (digital rights management) on the Xbox One, many are now looking to Sony to present a next gen console that is used game friendly. Twitter is the battleground where the new war is waged and the banners all say #PS4noDRM. Tweets are tagged with … Continue reading