Microsoft Launches IE11 Developer Preview For Windows 7, Updates Modern.IE With New Tools

Almost exactly a month ago, Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 11 as part of the Windows 8.1 preview and today, it is also launching a developer preview of IE11 for Windows 7. Sandeep Singhal, Microsoft’s group program manager for IE, told me earlier this week that IE11 for Windows 7 will bring all of the advances … Continue reading

Platform Payments, OEMs, And The Future Of Windows Phone Hardware

Microsoft has a huge amount of cash and a small quantity of mobile market share. If current rumors hold water, the company may be looking to again use its oceans of currency to bolster its smartphone platform. According to UnwiredView (reporting on notes from Eldar Murtazin), Microsoft may deploy billions in 2014 to a variety … Continue reading

Microsoft announces Enterprise Mobility Suite for mobile device and cloud management

Ballmer Admits What We All Knew: Microsoft Built Far Too Many Surfaces

At an internal meeting, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer admitted that the company overproduced the Surface RT tablet, leading to its recent $150 per unit price cut. As quoted by The Verge’s Tom Warren, Ballmer plainly explained that the company “built a few more devices than [it] could sell.” But we already knew that. In its … Continue reading

Can’t wait for the Xbox One launch? Microsoft will now let you play in-store across the US and Canada

Ahead of its much anticipated launch on November 22, Microsoft is beginning to whet appetites by teasing the available apps on launch, and introducing a pretty sweet demo video. Now, it’s also letting you try out the Xbox one in person at any of the 75 Microsoft Retail Store locations across the US and Canada. … Continue reading

Microsoft will not offer Surface RT tablet owners retail price trade-ins for Surface Pro upgrades

Bouncing around the Microsoft watching community today is a narrative indicating that Microsoft Stores will offer current Surface RT owners a full, retail-price trade in value if they wish to move to a Surface Pro device when it launches. This is incorrect. TNW has learned that no such trade-in program exists, and that Microsoft Stores … Continue reading

Microsoft raises the Windows 8 Pro upgrade price to $200, but ignores loophole that lets you buy it for $15

Exactly two weeks ago, Microsoft announced that it would be increasing the price of the Windows 8 Pro upgrade to $200, a 400 percent price hike from the previous $40, as of February 1. Today is the day, and yet Microsoft is still letting you get Windows 8 Pro for a hugely discounted $15. The … Continue reading

Azure Media Services opens to the public, helping developers deliver streaming video to any device

Today Microsoft announced the general availability of Azure Media Services, a new set of tools and analytics to help developers build massively scaling media delivery services involving real-time video. For example, Microsoft claims that “Last year several broadcasters used Windows Azure Media Services to stream the London 2012 Olympics.” That in mind, Azure Media Services … Continue reading