Zynga Won’t Pursue Real-Money Gaming License In The U.S.; Shares Drop 13% In After-Hours

Zynga is giving up what many investors had hoped might be its trump card: a real-money gaming business in the U.S. The company, which has been testing out real-money casino games in the U.K., said it won’t be pursuing a U.S. license after all in its second quarter earnings report today. Sources tell us this … Continue reading

GameStop Managers Will Get A Free PS4 and Seven Games On Nov. 15

GameStop’s annual GameStop Expo is happening now in Las Vegas, where many will get a closer look at the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Speaking of GameStop, it looks like GameStop managers will be getting a free PlayStation 4 and seven games at launch.

Riot Games To Develop League Of Legends App For iOS And Android

If you love League of Legends so much that you need to stay updated while on the go, here is some good news for you. It turns out that Riot Games wants an app for iOS and Android.

Facebook Hooks Up With PlayStation 4 to Link Identity to Gaming

As Sony’s PlayStation 4 gaming system launched Friday morning, Facebook said it will allow players to connect to the console using their Facebook accounts. Users can share their real identity with others they select in the hope of establishing a bond of trust that will serve to combat online gaming abuse between anonymous players, long … Continue reading

PS3 Wireless Headsets Will Be Compatible With The PS4

It is a little surprising that older Xbox 360 headsets will not be compatible with the new Xbox One console. Though Microsoft is working on an adapter. The good news for PlayStation 4 buyers is that the new console will work just fine with your old PS3 headset.

NVIDIA Shield Shipping On July 31st

Last month NVIDIA decided to delay the launch of their new handheld gaming console, the NVIDIA Shield, and now the have announced that the device will start shipping on the 31st of July. The NVIDIA Shield is powered by a NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor and comes with Android Jelly Bean, the device also features 2GB … Continue reading