Tomb Raider 2013 Caves And Cliffs Multiplayer DLC Landing March 19th

Crystal Dynamics developers of the latest Tomb Raider 2013 game, have this week announced that the new Caves and Cliffs multiplayer map pack will be arriving on March 19th. The Tomb Raider 2013 Caves and Cliffs DLC will include four new game modes : Rescue, Cry for Help, Team Deathmatch, and Free for All.

Tomb Raider Film In The Works Based On Franchise Reboot

Tomb Raider 1 and 2 were some of the first breakout video game films. The films achieved a degree of success that put the category on the map, despite mostly halting efforts even today. So it’s only fitting that a new film is coming featuring Lara’s new image, one that will move forward from the … Continue reading

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Getting Capcom Push For Western Appeal

Japan and other Asian territories have long been held up as the bellwether for player behaviour in the West. Trends like free to play, social gaming and trading card games to name a few rose to prominence in Japan before exploding everywhere else. Which makes the fact that Monster Hunter, one of the most popular … Continue reading

Rayman Legends Delayed For Multiplatform Release After Developers Crunched To Complete It

Former Wii U exclusive Rayman Legends is going multiplatform and has been delayed for six months as a result. However, the Wii U version of the game is complete and will just be held back to wait for the other versions. According to an anonymous developer posting on a Spanish forum (and picked up on … Continue reading

Farmville Getting TV Animated Series

Despite Zynga’s recent setbacks, Farmville is still a relevant brand. Or at least, that’s what Zynga is banking on, having tapped director Brett Ratner to make a half hour animated show based on the property. Brett Ratner might be familiar as the director of Rush Hour, Red Dragon and X-Men Last Stand.

Valve On Why Cloud Gaming Will Never Be Mainstream

Game streaming can never be a viable replacement for local processing, as Gabe Newell made the case at DICE. The main point the Valve boss makes is that cloud gaming is not a technology that can scale. Ironically, its success would be its undoing. Another hurdle would be lag-sensitive hardware.

Temple Run: Oz The Great And Powerful Coming February 27th

If you love Temple Run 2, you might be interested in this news. If this new report is true, Imangi Studios might be releasing a spin-off to the game. Cecile Fouques, a PR representative for Disney, tweeted that a new game called “Temple Run: Oz the Great and Powerful” is launching on February 27th.

Sony PlayStation Network Receives PayPal Payment Support

US PlayStation gamers might be please to learn that from this week onwards, you will now have the option to be able to use PayPal with Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN). Sony has announced that it will be offering the new PayPal payment support to residents of North America, and the service has already been available … Continue reading

Thrustmaster VRX iMotion Z-55 Simulator Available For $45,000

If you were lucky enough to visit this years CES 2103 technology exhibition in Las Vegas, you might have seen the awesome Thrustmaster VRX iMotion Z-55 Simulator which costs and around $45,000 and is the latest simulator created by Thrustmaster. The Thrustmaster VRX iMotion Z-55 Simulator is fitted with a simulator seat made with 3M … Continue reading