Stick It To The Military-Industrial Ink Complex By 3D Printing Your Own Printer Cartridges

This has to be one of the most uniquely disruptive uses of 3D printing I’ve seen: an ink refill company has successfully 3D-printed a Kodak ink cartridge, refilled it, and printed with it. Using a Makerbot Replicator 2 and some PLA, the company created an exact replica of the Kodak cartridge casing and stuck in … Continue reading

Lomography crowdfunds a reimagined Petzval portrait lens, compatible with analog and DSLR cameras

Analog camera and film specialist Lomography is taking its first steps in the digital photography space today with a Kickstarter campaign hoping to fund a new version of the iconic Petzval lens, designed specifically for Canon ED and Nikon F mount cameras. The stylized piece of glass is a sight to behold, blending the original … Continue reading

Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet spotted in the UK, pre-orders start at £199.99 for September 13 release

Google’s highly anticipated new Nexus 7 tablet was unveiled to the masses yesterday, but it looks like consumers in the UK will need to wait until September before they can get their mitts on a unit. AndroidCentral spotted today that Currys and PC World, two high-profile brick-and-mortar retailers owned by Dixons Retail, are already listed … Continue reading

Geeksphone’s Peak+ Firefox OS smartphone looks to capitalize on consumer interest, rather than developers’

Spanish mobile startup Geeksphone has started selling a new version of the Firefox OS-based Peak, called the Peak+, which is aimed at consumers, rather than developers as earlier models were. The device was announced on Thursday and will set back wannabe Firefox OS device owners 149 (excluding taxes) to add their name to the day … Continue reading

Review: Sky’s NOW TV box. We put this tiny £10 Roku device to the test

Sky’s NOW TV service might not be as well known as others under its auspices, such as Sky Go, for example, but at under 10 for a little white box that promises to make your boring old TV an internet-connected one, it sounds like a no-brainer. Plus it introduces the option to pay for on … Continue reading

Boombot Rex review: Great sound meets durability in this life-proof Bluetooth speaker

Let’s talk about Bluetooth speakers for a moment. The simple fact is that most of them suck. A lot. There are some notable exceptions, such as the Jambox and Big Jambox from Jawbone, but they’re definitely the exception and not the rule. I’ve tested no fewer than 20 different Bluetooth speakers for TNW, and most … Continue reading

MelaFind in the Developmental Stages

Melanoma, for those who may not know, is a form of skin cancer that is often discovered via cancers moles and skin legions that look like nothing out of the ordinary to the untrained eye. More than nine thousand Americans die each year to skin cancer; many because they didn’t know they had skin cancer … Continue reading

KDDI Remote TV Streams Blu-ray DVR Video To Your Mobile Devices

KDDI has this week unveiled a new device they have created called the KDDI Remote TV box that puts a Blu-ray DVR on your local WiFi network to both schedule recordings while away and stream the video itself. The palm sized KDDI Remote TV supports Windows, mac and Android devices, and can stream content whilst … Continue reading

RocksteadyXS Bluetooth Speaker Promises Long Battery Life and Big Sound

If you’re in the market for a new portable speaker to go with your smartphone or tablet, a company called Killer Concepts has a new Bluetooth speaker you might want to check out. The speaker is called the RocksteadyXS and it promises to be the loudest portable speaker in the category and offer over 10 … Continue reading

Kohler Moxie Bluetooth Showerhead Speaker

It has always been a little tricky to listen to music from your mobile device whilst in the shower. You either have to use a securely sealed bag or a purpose-built waterproof case for your mobile phone or tablet, to stop water entering your device. Now there is a simpler way to listen to your … Continue reading