Despite Gains, Facebook Is Currently Worth $24 Billion Less Than When It First Went Public

The market awarded Facebook a 25 percent share price spike today, following a strong earnings report that showed off the company’s ability to retain mind share among youths, build its total global usership, and monetize mobile traffic better than nearly any other company. Period. The firm pop in its shares has pushed Facebook’s valuation past … Continue reading

Does Your Country Censor Your Facebook News Feed?

Facebook on Friday released its second global government transparency report, covering the period between July and December of last year. Apart from the regular numbers pertaining to government requests for user data, the social network is now – for the first time – revealing how often countries have restricted or had content removed from the … Continue reading

Facebook Confirms It Will Acquire Atlas Advertiser Suite From Microsoft To Close The Ad Spend Loop

After weeks of speculation and leaks, Facebook today announced it will buy the Atlas Advertiser Suite away from Microsoft. The Seattle-based Atlas team will stay put, but Facebook plans to invest in back-end scaling and better measurement to help advertisers “close the loop” and understand how their spend earns them money. Discussions between the tech … Continue reading

The Web just got a speed boost: Facebook rewrites its Like Box plugin to be up to 4x faster

Facebook has announced the release of a new Like Box plugin, rewritten “from the ground up” to be up to four times faster with smaller components, less CSS (now inline) and asynchronously loading JavaScript. The Like Box plugin, pictured below, has proved extremely popular on the Web, but it has also become known for significantly … Continue reading

UPDATED: Facebook Hit By Extended Outage In Several Countries

Facebook is back online for everyone, according to Downrightnow and the company. A spokesperson said: Earlier today we experienced a DNS issue that briefly prevented people who typed ‘’ into their browsers from reaching the site. People who accessed the site using a mobile app, typed ‘www.facebook.com>’ into their browsers, or used a bookmark or … Continue reading