Legitmix finds Legal Loophole for Remix Sales

Legitmix, a Brooklyn-based company, thinks it’s found a legal way for remix artists to sell their wares. The company spent a million dollars building and developing an algorithm that has allowed it to create an online store where remix artists can sell their remixes and retain 70% of the total sale. The algorithm works by … Continue reading

Smart Streetlights

Have you ever left the lights on in your house for days at a time and then gotten a ridiculously crazy electric bill the next month? Can you imagine how much cities have to pay to keep all the street lights on and maintained every day? The cost is astronomical, but it could be diminished … Continue reading

VicamPlus iPhone 5 GoPro Compatible Rugged Camera Case Hits Kickstarter (video)

A new type of rugged iPhone 5 camera case is currently raising funds over on the Kickstarter website called the VicamPlus, which has been designed to transform any iPhone 5 into a professional, waterproof camera with 3 lenses, which is also compatible with all GoPro accessories. Watch the video after the jump to learn more … Continue reading