Concept Arc Mouse Muse

This is an interesting concept of the mouse will be of interest to those who work with their laptops in different places and at the same time, wants to maintain comfort! In this case, the standard mouse is still the most convenient manipulator. But not always and not everywhere at hand is a flat surface. … Continue reading

In Iran has invented a time machine

Iranian scientist proclaimed himself the inventor of the time machine. With it, anyone can look into the future by 5-8 years in advance – that is, to “penetrate” as much in 2021, assures the young a talent. Machine will primarily be used to solve problems of national importance, but once it is set up to … Continue reading

Concept Acer All-in-one PC

Acer officially announced the two computer class “all-in-one” in the original line of Aspire as a model 7600U and 5600U. Feature of the new products in addition to a thin sleek design is to use them as toppings software operating system, Windows 8, whose release is expected to come in the fall. In this case … Continue reading

Concept Phone Nokia Lumia 940

Present concept smartphone Nokia Lumia 940 is simply stunning. This phone gonna be made entirely from carbon and runs with Windows 8. Angles carbon housing made more rounded than the standard design of the family of smartphones Lumia. The device offers a 4.5-inch PureMotion HD + display with a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels … Continue reading