Holy Crap, This Giant Sinkhole Swallowed an Entire Building

Imagine standing on the road one day and have a sinkhole swallow you whole. Or imagine sitting in your house and having a giant sinkhole vaporized your entire building. That’s what happened in China. Two buildings in Guangzhou, China tumbled straight into a giant sinkhole as the ground below them disappeared. Luckily, no one was … Continue reading

Apple stock falls as some misinterpret demand for iPhone 5 in China

“Apple AAPL products are among the most wanted gifts this holiday season, but its stock continues to be out of favor with investors,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily. “In afternoon trading Friday, Apple shares were down 3.8%, near 509.55. Earlier in the day, Apple was down as much as 4.2%.” “The latest news … Continue reading