Sleeping with your gadgets on: How to block blue light from devices

Jason Freedman is the co-founder of 42Floors, making it easy for everyone to rent office space. He’s a two-time Y Combinator alum and blogs regularly on humbledMBA. This post was originally published on the 42floors blog. I have severe insomnia. Specifically, delayed sleep phase syndrome, which basically means that, like a teenager, my body actually … Continue reading

Think you’ve got a strategy to enter the Chinese market? Think twice

Yu Yongfu is the chairman and CEO of UCWeb, whose mission is to provide a better mobile Internet experience to billions of users around the world. Earlier in his career, he was a VP at Legend Capital. Yu graduated from Nankai University in 1999 with a bachelor’s degree in economics. Whenever I visit the US, … Continue reading

Top smartphone dog Samsung’s explosive growth period is over

Despite posting record net profit for the second quarter of 2013 that was up 50 percent year-on-year, Samsung spent its earnings call assuring investors that the company is poised for further growth with its “competitive” line-up of products. The reason for its defensive stance? There have been lingering concerns that the Korean company simply cannot … Continue reading

Will the personalised Web destroy discovery?

It’s been a big month for the evolution of the personalised web, led by Mark Zuckerberg and the unveiling of Graph Search. Much as the product has been lauded – it filling a gap in social search that we didn’t even really know existed – it has also been met with some criticism, not least … Continue reading