The Sudden Erosion Of The Road

The Sudden Erosion Of The Road,Water – a powerful and insidious element. It can make a trap on the road.

Metal Sculpture Designer Chan Girl Park

Metal Sculpture Designer Chan Girl Park,Sculpture Korean designer Chan Girl Park make us think about how amazing technologies to has access to a modern artist. The author in his sculptures focuses attention on the technology, introducing new technology in familiar and popular images, as well as remakes of sculptures of the Renaissance, such as “David” … Continue reading

Naked Chicken

Naked Chicken,Geneticist from Israel brought a new kind of “bald” chicken. The bird plumage is completely absent. He says that it will significantly reduce the cost of production, because obschipyvanie carcasses also costs money.

HR Giger Says A Lot Bar.

HR Giger Says A Lot Bar,In such a bar you’ve never been! For any fan of the movie “Alien” name HR Giger says a lot. After all, the artist created the look of the characters in the film. HR Giger Bar is in the Museum HR Giger in Gruy res (Switzerland). The design bar is … Continue reading

Art Engraving on Eggs

Art Engraving on Eggs Each new hobby – it’s a small victory of man over nature. Primitive people learned how to handle the stone, wood and bones and make them the weapons they used in hunting, in the fight against the enemies, and also in the process of cooking. Even in those early times, people … Continue reading