Aves Inkjet Printer Concept

Unlike many traditional printers on the market, the robotic Aves printer will entertain and engage the user time and again. Aves transforms itself to life when it’s time to print, creating a unique and novel experience. Aves printer is a refreshing deviation from conventional inkjet printers.

Aves Inkjet Printer Concept2

Aves Inkjet Printer Concept3

Aves Inkjet Printer Concept18

Aves Inkjet Printer Concept20

Aves Inkjet Printer Concept19

Aves Inkjet Printer Concept23

Aves Inkjet Printer Concept1

Aves Inkjet Printer Concept4

Aves Inkjet Printer Concept13

Aves Inkjet Printer Concept7

Via Behance

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