White iPhone 4 or Black iPhone5?

Give me a good reason to wait for June 2011.

Many believe that if white iPhone 4 would be impersonating iPhone 5 in June 2011. If you think the same, we are on the same side. There can be many reasons to remember and many rumors to rationalize regarding iPhone 4 white versions and the black iPhone 5 coming in June 2011.

Something new?

I guess yes. The iPhone 5 is rumored to have a mobile payment option wirelessly. NFC they are calling it, which stands for Near Field Communication that means iPhone can transact bucks without touching by just passing through the sensor or something like that. Obviously, it would take prior permission. As many people are excited by it, I am not being very fond of getting too much dependent on my iPhone. I mean a smartphone do just smart work and that does not mean all the work.

Why White?

It seems that white iPhone 4 remains a potential market. Especially in China, some customized need-fulfillers are replacing black cases with white ones along with the glass making it a perfect blend in just some hundred bucks. Moreover, many customers have bought their Chinese white iPhone 4 under 1000 bucks with AT&T contract. If the market was vulnerable, why Apple left it abandoned? I do not know. For me colour matters but not that much.

Black or White?

I would choose neither! I mean if colours are really that much important why stick to white and black only. In any case, as mentioned earlier I am not waiting for iPhone 4 white. Yes, iPhone 5 is a good option to consider if it moves further in deep water with something other than mobile payment thing.

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