Mafia Wars for iPhone 4 – A must play

Yes, Mafia Wars as played on Facebook is now available on iPhone 4. I tried it on iPhone and wasn’t disappointed. However, I find a few stuck ups which can be improved to make this iPhone game app a real buster.

Firstly, the graphics are significantly improved. This means a lot of bad war stuff waiting for you on your iPhone. This means no more gang war on PC and I can play Mafia wars anywhere anytime from my iPhone 4. I was waiting for this for a long time, some of the glitches seem to catch my eyes but the overall app looks just fine.

Most of the game features are same in Mafia Wars with enhanced graphical effect. The touch screen effect of iPhone 4 makes it more fun to play. Either kill your mob opponent or grab a car you can avail reward points and earn loot for spicing things up in Mafia Wars.

For those playing Mafia Wars on iPod Touch there is good news. You can play Mafia Wars while turning on the music on your iPod Touch. This iPhone game app by Zynga is a real treat and is absolutely free. The game is just 9.7 MB and requires iOS 3.0 or later.

The only problem I am facing is about starting a new family on the iPhone version. All I wish is to get integration with my Facebook version of Mafia Wars so I can play on either ends and not lost my entire mafia progress.

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