Court ruled ban on some of the Samsung Galaxy products for sales in Netherlands.

Today a rule was passed by a Dutch court that the products by Samsung Galaxy that use Android 2.2.1 and does not use the image gallery software of Samsung will be banned for sale. The Court of The Hague also ordered Samsung to show its profit from the sales of Galaxy device since 27th June 2011 so that the court can decide a penalty. Court also said that the Samsung will be charged a fee of $129,000 per day if they fail to maintain the ban after the order of court.

The decision was made after the preliminary orders last year that banned the Galaxy S, SII and Galaxy Ace. Samsung then tried to bring the device again in the market by doing some changes in the software. Samsung also claimed in the court that Samsung Benelux (Netherlands based subsidiary of Samsung) was not selling the infringed device any more. According to Peter Blok, the presiding judge of court the steps taken by Samsung are not sufficient to avoid the ban on sales.

Apple’s patent deals specifically with a ‘bounce back’ animation effect that allows you to preview the next image in a series, but reverts to the current image when you raise your finger if you haven’t swiped all the way in one direction. Samsung’s workaround was to replace it with a blue glow highlighting the edge of the image, rather than using the bounce-back.

Apple will be getting another big amount from Samsung After the court determines the profits that Samsung got from the sales of its infringed devices. The ban on Samsung devices does not seem to have much strength as Samsung will try to apply the workaround to bring its devices for sales in market in the future.

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