Photos of Alleged iPad Air 2 Front Panel with integrated display

iPad Air 2 Front Panel

Some photos of the iPhone 6 front panel have leaked out over the past few days and today we’ve come across front panels of the upcoming iPad Air 2 as well. Interestingly, the leak reveals the display integrated with the front panel which is different from the assembly on the current gen iPad Air. This could mean that the new iPad Air 2 could be significantly thinner than its predecessor.

This move will also allow Apple to slot in a higher capacity battery to improve battery life even more, which is crucial for a tablet. One of the downsides to fusing the display and the glass panel together is that they won’t be easy to repair.

But most Apple products such as the iPhones and even the new breed of MacBooks use integrated displays to maintain minimal thickness, so repairability isn’t really a concern for Apple. Since the iPad Mini is already thin to begin with, we don’t think Apple will look to use integrated displays for them at this point in time.

iPad Air 2 Front Panel White

It has been largely believed that the upcoming iPad Air 2 will feature the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. It is also expected to come with Apple’s next generation A8 chip and pre-installed with iOS 8.

[One More Thing via MacRumors]


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