ABI Research shared that Apple’s Market share in smartphone will reach to 22% in 2013

Analyst of ABI Research has predicted that in global smartphone market, Apple’s share will reach to 22% this year. With Samsung’s domination in the market, it is expected that Apple’s share will remain flat till the year 2018. These predictions have been obtained from the latest report of ABI latest mobile handset market report.
The senior analyst at ABI, Mr. Michael Morgan has commented, “It is expected that Samsung business will unlikely to collapse and Apple will be chasing technology software of Samsung and its device leadership in 2013. And this is foreseeable future.”ABI has noted that global market share of Samsung in the smartphones has been grown from 8% to more than 30% in 2012. The Korean mobile manufacturer has laid its focus on Google Android OS software so far. (Android is accounting almost 90% of its smartphone shipment). Analyst further feel that future success of Samsung will be on adding more features in its OS portfolio, entitling as OS Bada, an open source collaboration with Microsoft Windows based phone and Intel Tizen.

Samsung has shown signs of its focus on OS distribution so to reduce reliance on Android. It is also confirmed by Samsung, in early days of this month, that they will be launching Tizen based device in 2013.

ABI also noted that smartphone shipment will be almost half of all mobile sets shipment by the year 2014 and will become the largest segment in handsets. Furthermore, by the year 2018, it is expected that total smartphone shipment will reach to 2.4 billion and it will be catering 69% needs of handset market. The growth in smartphone shipment will be due to AKA low cost Android and low cost developed smartphones.

According to ABI research, LTE handset will be managed to account almost 35% of the handset market this year and will reach to 50% till 2018. LTE will soon become fastest growing WWAN technology.

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