Concept Acer All-in-one PC

Acer officially announced the two computer class “all-in-one” in the original line of Aspire as a model 7600U and 5600U. Feature of the new products in addition to a thin sleek design is to use them as toppings software operating system, Windows 8, whose release is expected to come in the fall.

Future technology Concept Acer  All-in-one PC

In this case Acer Aspire 5600U is claimed to be the thinnest candybar computer available on the market and has a 23-inch touch-screen Full HD and has received Aspire 7600U 27-inch touchscreen display with 64 points of tangency. The latest model, by the way, has a thickness of 35 mm. In addition, the Acer Aspire 7600U is there support for Full HD resolution screen and sound system with surround sound technology, Dolby Home Theater (as, by the way, and the Aspire 5600U) plus a Blu-ray drive and stand with the ability to turn the display in a horizontal position.

Future technology Concept Acer  All-in-one PC

The second member of the family monovblokov Acer – elegant Aspire 5600U – is the most subtle of the currently available computers “all-in-one.” When installed on a table or placed on the wall with the bracket, Aspire 5600U will be a stylish addition to the interior of any apartment. Its distinctive features – ergonomic and easy-to-touch control design with the ability to tilt the screen in the range of 30 to 85 for even greater user comfort. This candy bar is simply created to be the center of attention: it’s great for the whole family, providing excellent quality Full HD video and audio format, Dolby Home Theater Surround, coupled with powerful graphics and excellent response time monitor.

Future technology Concept Acer  All-in-one PC

Gorgeous candy bar Aspire 7600U supports up to 64 points of contact at any angle, allowing simultaneous operation of multiple users. Design features of the stand allows you to change the monitor angle in the range 0 to 90, also allowing adjustment of the monitor rotation in four directions with respect to the base, which makes the Aspire 7600U optimal solution for multiple users. Due to the body thickness of 35 mm Model 7600U can rightly be considered an ultra-thin. The novelty will appreciate the ability to output Full HD images, and support high quality audio format Dolby Home Theater Surround. This candy bar was created specifically for advanced users who are accustomed to be on the crest of the “digital wave” of multimedia technologies.

Future technology Concept Acer  All-in-one PC

Future technology Concept Acer  All-in-one PC

Future technology Concept Acer  All-in-one PC

Future technology Concept Acer  All-in-one PC

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