Stick Fighter app

Stick fighter is the ultimate fast paced game for your iPhone device. Stick fighter has versatile controls and stick to glue you up to the screen. To make game more exciting and funnier cartoon animations have been embedded.
Stick fighter is the creation of world first incubator group known as 90 Day App Challenge. A young son and his mother have teamed up to create this masterpiece and this is to reconnect their relationship. The innovative designs, glued features and addictive moves have made this app so much worth playing.This will be the first iOS game that let your stick man to connect with the world’s opponents. You will be able to invite your opponents from around the globe and plan your strategic moves to defeat them. There will be three rounds of fights among you and your opponent in which you can show versatile moves. Outsmart your opponents and earn coins and points to move up in the levels.

The stick fighter is designed with cool designs and animations to let you enjoy game in gluing manner. The attractive and eye catching designs can be seen at the YouTube. The only wait is the launch of the app and I promise this app will be making your way in this month. I know how much eagerly you have to download and enjoy the free styled controls of Stick fighter app.

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