Sentiment analysis, a new tool introduced by Adeven to help developers draw useful conclusion about their App from App reviews

Adeven, an App Store advertising company has launched a new tool for apptrace mobile analytics. Sentiment analysis of 24 million reviews of App store will be available through this tool. This is a free service and it allows its users to find out the titles that are available on App Store. They will also be able to view user review scores in terms of positive feedback, crash complaints and addictiveness.Any time you can go on the platform and find the apps that are available at present and you can also check out what users feel about the title. Apps without reviews are also present. There are about 257,229 apps with reviews and 529,895 without reviews. According to adeven there are only about 72% reviews containing the contents that adeven is looking for. According to Muller, most of the time reviews of apps are focused on a particular topic.

In the App store the Apps that have a review data will now also show a tiny sentiment analysis graph. By clicking it you can get a detailed view of it. The graph will show the progress of app in each category of sentiments from the day the app was introduced in the market till the present day. This will help the people to know about the emerging trends.

The developers of the apps can also monitor this sentiment analysis in order to increase the download number of their apps. According to Mulller the apps having a high number of positive reviews but less addictive scores should consider offering discounts and sales in order to keep their apps charting high.

At present Adeven is working to track down negative reviews but there are only few negative reviews. Muller said that it is better for the developers to know that whether the ads in their apps are annoying the users or not. he further said that the developers should try to avoid displaying ads in their apps if the users are complaining. This will save them from negative recognition.

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