Solememo® Myvision N10 Gesture-Control Wireless Speaker Bluetooth Speaker for car Portable Speaker Bluetooth for iphone/ipad/ipod /laptop/mp3 player by Solememo (Red)

  • Hand gesture recognition”Prev/Next ,Stop and Play”.
  • Support automatic TF Card play and Line-in play.
  • Take phone calls while playing.
  • Working status voice alert.
  • Loud sound with great bass.

Product details and how to use
1.On the top of speaker, it’s a capacitive touch-plate which means there’re 4 touchable function buttons that you don’t have to press.

2.”Phone call” button:You can answer your phone by touch this button.Press it for 3 seconds,the speaker will power on/off.
3.”M”button:Switch mode among Bluetooth Mode,TF card Mode and Line-in Mode with softly touch.Default Mode is Bluetooth Mode.Speaker will automatically swith to TF card Mode/Line-in mode when a TF card/USB line is pluged-in.

Operational Steps on Gesture Control:
. Palm down and keep horizontal over the touch-plate;
. Move up, PLAY;
. Get down, Pause;
. Move left, turn to next song;
. Move right, turn to previous one.

Range Note:

1.The furthest range of Gesture control is 6 inches.

2.The best phone call rage is 20 inches.

3.The best working range of bluetooth speaker is 30 feet- 65 feet depends on your surroundings. Under wikitech test,the furthest range is 100 feet with no obstruction and still perfect sound.

There are more:
1. Myvision Bluetooth speaker can pair with any Bluetooth-enabled devices,like smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and desktops, including iPad, iPhone, and iPod.
2. Connect to your computer using Line-in mode, it will install the driver automatically, then it can be used as pc speaker or card reader.
3. Phone call coming in while playing,speaker will stop playing and voice alert come up.
Then,it will automatically repeat your in-coming call’s phone number.So that,you won’t miss any important calls while listening to your favourite music.

Price: $39.77

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