Simplism Leather Flip Case for iPad – Camel

  • Glare film for iPad
  • Protects display from scratches
  • Shiny and invisible glare film
  • Non-adhesive film that can be applied repeatedly
  • Leveler to squeeze out air bubbles in the film.

Simplism Flip Leather Case for iPad protects your iPad from dust and scratches in a luxurious leather case. 100% genuine leather is used on exterior, and the special coating creates glossy and fancy impression. This finish provides high-brand quality and elegant style.The flap that opens to the side makes the case look like a book cover, and it actually holds your iPad so nicely. You will forget what inside of the leather case is the latest high-tech gadget, iPad. Flip Leather Case for iPad is more than just the beautiful look. Its secret hidden plates absorb shocks, and especially the cushioning in the back protects your iPad. As the plates are bigger than the size of iPad, the corners will be securely protected. All the buttons and connectors, such as audio jack, volume buttons, sleep/awake button, screen rotation lock, and Dock connector, can be accessed without removing from the case. Simply open the flap and it is ready to use. All the sensors are uncovered and so is the speaker, you can enjoy music with it.Wide opening frame for maximum visibility and easy typing or tapping. It is framed with thin leather for comfortable flicking. The flap opens 180-degree wide to operate iPad in your hand or on a desk without removing from the case. On the back of the flap, there are two small pockets and one big pocket to insert cards and documents like an organizer.

Price: $59.99

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