Concept smart kitchen of the future

What do you think, what is the kitchen of the future? We invite you to meet with Turkish concept smart kitchen of the future – a compact and intelligent.
Design company Altera Design Studio from Turkey presented its vision for the future of kitchen appliances, creating a concept project titled Alight Kitchen. A fundamentally important feature of the new concept is to use ready-made frozen foods in portions that are immediately before use will defrost and cook in the kitchen of the future. Such a rational approach to nutrition will not only allow for a long time to keep food fresh, but also know exactly what is lacking at the moment, so if necessary to replenish stocks.

Future technology Concept smart kitchen of the future

The project authors have removed the excess from their point of view, kitchen appliances, but also elements of a new kitchen joined by special.
In the kitchen project, it is worth noting a few features:
* Built-in refrigerator-storage that can be stored three-day supply of food
* Intelligent Microwave recognize foods, reads the bar codes, and selects the appropriate mode of cooking.
* Kitchen is part of a prototype that performs a function table. This part is designed for four people: the “table” has four rotating zone-plates, and in its central part there is a compartment for storing utensils.
In addition to the conceptual system of the new kitchen Alight Kitchen will built intellectual , which in addition to washing the dishes and then move into a special compartment, can purify water in the system for further use.
It is not known how comfortable would be a prototype for the real owners, but in moderation it can be said that in the production version will be a significant part of Turkish innovation project.

Future technology Concept smart kitchen of the future

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