Intel Looking to Take iPad and iPhone Chip Business Away from Samsung

Intel headquarters

Intel is the largest provider of processor chips in the world… for desktop and laptop computers. Recently tech analysts have predicted that mobile computing will overtake traditional home computers and every household will be more likely to have a tablet in every room than a space-hogging desktop. That is bad news for Intel. They haven’t successfully captured the mobile processor market.

According to DigiTimes, last November, Intel announced that it would cover the cost of design or redesign costs and pay the difference between its newest Atom-based chip and the ARM processor if tablet manufactures would switch to their system-on-a-chip microprocessor units.

Semiconductor market research firm IC Insights believes Apple will cut a deal with Intel to manufacture future chips for iPhone and iPad devices. The firm believes that, because of Apple’s desire to move away from reliance on Samsung for processor chips, the company might be solidifying a relationship with Intel.

“While TSMC and Globalfoundries are expected to receive a portion of the Apple business at the 14nm process node, IC Insights believes that Intel finds itself in an enviable position of being able to secure a large portion of Apple’s application processor business at the 10nm node using Fab 42. Since TSMC made it known that it was not interested in dedicating an entire fab to an individual company, Intel could score a big foundry production win by dedicating a large portion of Fab 42 entirely to Apple, IC Insights suggested.”

Fab 42 is a 14 nanometer chip factory that, until recently, Intel was building in Chandler, AZ. The company announced in January that the plant’s opening would be delayed. IC Insights speculates that Intel may have changed its plans for the plant from processing 14nm chips to possibly dedicating the plant to Apple, which the latter requests of its chipmakers in order to be equipped to meet demand.

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