BESTEK ipad holder BTIH 110 (car headrest mount for iPad 2 3 4)

  • 1. Adjustable Size to fit for from 7”to 10.1″ of Tablets & e-book reader, Mount your iPad 2/iPad 3/iPad 4/Galaxy Note 10.1 to the back of your car’s headrest.
  • 2. Adjustable tilt for ultimate viewing experience. Tablet can be viewed in landscape and portrait position, Great for keeping the kids entertained during those long trips.
  • 3. Securely Mounts to Headrest,Your iPad holds tightly against the headrest, protecting it from excessive shaking and vibration due to bumpy roads.
  • 4. Soft interior lining protects iPad from scratches and scuffs.
  • 5. no special tools for installation, Easily attaches to headrest posts, Mount the headrest in seconds

The car headrest mounts are what you need so that your back seat passengers can watch movies or play games, Headrest iPad Car Mount is a handy accessory designed to instantly turn your iPad into a rear-seat in-car entertainment system. it’s Perfect companion for long car journeys.

The Headrest iPad Car Mount comes with adjustable mounting arms to quickly and easily adjust for optimal viewing position and angle.

The adjustable bracket arms can accommodate devices Tablet devices such as e-book readers, LCD screens and more.
It is mounted to your cars headrests, its Simple & quick to fit and remove – screw between bar (will not damage your cars interior in any way).

It has a 360° rotate and tilt mechanism, which allows you to see the screen perfectly no matter what angle you’re sitting at. This is Suitable for most iPad/ tablets

Whether a child or an adult, the adjustable patented locking device can move 45 degrees vertically so a short person such as a child will be able to view the tablet comfortably.

The headrest does not interfere with any other mechanisms or the front passenger/driver seat.
The device is designed to completely rotate through a 360 degrees allow the device to be used in either portrait or landscapre mode.

Price: $8.99

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