Reuters’ climate-change coverage ‘fell by nearly 50% with sceptic as editor’

Media Matters for America study follows blog by former agency reporter about appointment of Paul Ingrassia Reuters’ climate-change coverage fell by nearly 50% after a climate sceptic joined the news agency as a senior editor, a study has found. The sharp decline in coverage since 2011, recorded by the Media Matters for America advocacy group, … Continue reading

Morsi being investigated over claims of ‘colluding with Hamas’ in uprising

Deposed president alleged to have helped Palestinian Islamists murder Egyptian police during 2011 overthrow of Hosni Mubarak The overthrown Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi, is under investigation for conspiring with Hamas during Egypt’s 2011 revolution, state media reported on Friday, in the first official update on his status since he was forced from office and detained … Continue reading

More than 100 Morsi supporters killed in Egypt clashes

Death toll above three figures in Cairo as Muslim Brotherhood accuses security forces of shooting to kill Egyptian security forces shot dead at least 100 supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi early on Saturday, the Muslim Brotherhood said, deepening the turmoil which has convulsed Egypt for weeks. Brotherhood spokesman Gehad El-Haddad said the shooting started … Continue reading

ICS (Android 4.0) Launched For Galaxy S2

Finally a good news for Samsung Galaxy SII owners, Samsung has recently released official Android 4.0 (Ice-cream Sandwich) update for SGS2. The ICS firmware is dated 9th March 2012. Although Samsung has taken a little bit of time for releasing the ICS update still this firmware has no bluish ICS interface and is very much … Continue reading

Prada Spends a Bunch of Money on a Wes Anderson Ad, and Then a Bunch More to Advertise It

A long, long time ago, if a famous director made a mini movie for an advertiser, designed specifically to be watched on the Internet, it was news. If you’re really old, you may remember waiting many minutes to stream John Woo’s BMW caper flick starring Clive Owen.* Now this stuff is NBD. Or, at least, … Continue reading

Facebook Hooks Up With PlayStation 4 to Link Identity to Gaming

As Sony’s PlayStation 4 gaming system launched Friday morning, Facebook said it will allow players to connect to the console using their Facebook accounts. Users can share their real identity with others they select in the hope of establishing a bond of trust that will serve to combat online gaming abuse between anonymous players, long … Continue reading

Samsung Seeks to Have Current Apple Case Put on Hold Following Patent Office Action

Even as the jury weighs the amount of damages to award, Samsung filed an emergency motion on Tuesday seeking to put its current case with Apple on hold following action by the U.S. Patent Office to move toward invalidating one of the patents at issue. Samsung said in a motion on Wednesday that Judge Lucy … Continue reading

A Bigger iPhone 6 Could Carry a Bigger Price Tag, Too

It has been just two months since Apple’s latest iPhones went on sale, but already analysts are wondering about the next – and more specifically, its price. Given the high cost of components in Apple’s new iPhone 5s and the company’s appetite for high profit margins, some observers theorize that it may opt to ship … Continue reading

U.K. Government Jumps On The Autonomous Robot Bandwagon, Sort Of

The U.K. government appears to be taking a leaf out of Jeff Bezos’ Massive Book Of Marketing Genius – by spicing up the dry digital tome that is its 2013 National Infrastructure Plan, which sets out infrastructure investment priorities for the next decade or so – by inserting a paragraph committing to encouraging the development … Continue reading

Fleksy’s Android Keyboard Gets First Stable Release, Adds Multiple Languages To Beta

San Francisco-based Fleksy offers predictive text typing that’s so intuitive it can be used without even a glance at a screen, and now the app is finally exiting beta on Android. Fleksy works by analyzing a user’s typing pattern, no matter how sloppy, and making predictions about what keys they’re trying to hit, and it … Continue reading