RiverCross Game- An interactive puzzle for your brain development

RiverCross Game is being developed by the scholar of middle ages as a transmission puzzle. The puzzle is developed especially for the children’s brain development. It has multiple challenges to boost up the capability of the children’s mind. There are some special moves and ways that are cleverly designed by the developers to help the development of the brain. Intellectual development of children’s brain is being promised by this app.
Unlike other boring puzzles, RiverCross Game is quite neat in design and it is having eight different games with diverse difficulty levels. The game is developed in the manner that only 10% of the world’s users have become able to successfully cross the stages. There are eight interactive stages including from jungle, farm, dark village, village on fire, toy town, Egypt, Treasure Island and village of cannibals.The game is having intuitive interface and it has fun for the users of every age. Puzzles are designed in a manner that every user is guaranteed for enjoyment and fun. If you want to challenge your mind, you must not wait to download this amazing app. This app can be downloaded from iTunes App Store. It can be enjoyed over iPad, iPhone and Mac devices.

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